Beginner Meditation Course
6 week Course - Starting 23rd July2019

This course is divided into six lessons, on Tuesdays at 7pm. At the Meditation Space in Campbelltown. 
To book your place go to the Meditation Space website:"

This six week course (Tuesdays at 7pm) offers the chance to learn how to meditate in a relaxed setting with me, Sal, as your guide. You will learn Meditation techniques that will help you to create and improve your self care practices and stress management . 

This meditation class is suitable for beginners, intermediate levels and people wanting to return to meditation. 

Our meditation styles are non-religious and suitable for people from all cultural backgrounds.

During the Basic Meditation class, students learn about the cause and effect of stress, basic breathing techniques, meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation meditation. They will also explore affirmations in Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

Meditation trains our mind for peace and calm, gives us insight into our stress triggers and physiological responses and teaches us techniques for removing them.

Benefits of meditation include:

Unleash creativity
Relieves insomnia
Lowers blood pressure
Reduced stress
More clarity of thought
Greater self confidence
Better sleep
More physical energy
Reduce fear and anxiety
Creates inner peace and calm
Helps reverse heart disease
Promotes creativity